IT Staffing

Make the most out of your IT investments by affordably accessing the best in technology talent

Supply chain and logistics companies can better manage their IT investments with the cutting edge technology expertise and agile business acumen provided by STS—at affordable rates.

With our team working alongside yours, your employees will have more time for high-value, strategic and client-facing work. As you scale your business, let STS enable business leaders to reduce costs and streamline project delivery in the pursuit of innovation.

Key Benefits

Cost Savings

Our staffing methodology pushes to maximize efficiency, resulting in competitive pricing from the get-go and continued cost savings along the way.


Allow your technology team to focus on mission critical tasks while we navigate the trenches of large undertakings.


Your STS project and account manager is there to ensure you are in the know throughout the design and development process.


Our sole mission is to deliver measurable value to you and your customers. Your appetite for success is only matched by ours.

Build a Stronger Foundation for Your Business

SaaS/Cloud Solutions for 3PL Logistics

Supply Chain Management Softwares

Transportation Management Systems

EDI Services

And More

Core Features

Our team can manage every aspect of creating a new application, platform or software system - and offer on-site support whenever you need.

STS supports all your IT staffing needs - we recruit and fill the following positions:

Applications Development Manager

Data Architect

Information Systems Manager

IT Manager

Operations Director

Product Designer

Product Manager


Project Manager

SEO Strategist

Software Development Engineer

Systems Architect

Computer Vision Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

Network Analyst

Security Analyst

Cloud Engineer

App Developer

Business Intelligence Analyst

DevOps Lead

Database Administrator

User Support Specialist

Our recruited staff are experts in business-critical tasks, including:



Software Engineering and Project Management

Design Implementation

Support and Training

Regulatory Compliance

Testing and Quality Control

SaaS/Cloud solutions for 3PL Logistics

E-commerce Solutions

Supply Chain Management Software

Warehouse Management Software

Transportation Management Systems

EDI Services

Web application development

Mobile application design and development

Technology Stack Migration

Application Portfolio Maintenance

Continuous Delivery and Microservices

High-quality design execution

End-to-end development

Intelligent UIs that result in a great customer experience

Streamlined product delivery process

Business Results


Meet your highest technical needs with the nearshoring.

Maximize IT investment with benefits of nearshoring solutions


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