WMS360TM - A Web-Based WMS Solution

Developed in our warehouse and ready for yours, WMS360TM offers full transparency, traceability, and flexibility to meet all your warehousing and fulfillment needs.

We get warehouse management. Developed, tested, and used every day by supply chain experts, WMS360TM is the singular solution to perfect warehouse operations in single and multi-warehouse environments. The flexible configuration-driven and rule-based system is easy to deploy and intuitive to customize, with advanced features that allow integration with third party platforms, full warehouse automation, EDI, and document management systems. Identify, analyze, and fix workflow challenges immediately and optimize people, processes, and places for success.

Key Benefits

WMS360TM transforms the complexities of day-to-day warehouse operations and helps you keep pace with business. Save time and trouble, all in a centralized interface that is easy to learn and intuitive to navigate.

A warehouse, worry-free.

With an EDI gateway, omni-channel integration, and RFID options all available at no additional cost, you can reduce the number of sign-ins, timely checks, exports, transfers, and headaches every day. Customization for every interface paired with role based access means you’re in the know for what you need to know.

Truly informed decision-making.

Receive ready-made and custom business analytics at every level. Truly leverage and manage your warehouse activities with labor, inventory, transportation, location, vendor, and client performance measurement and reporting to meet business goals.

Reliable expert supply chain support.

Capitalize on our in-house team of supply chain technology experts, from first demo through ongoing service upgrades. From your implementation team to product developers to customer service, we are well-versed in the world of logistics and supply chain needs.

Warehouse transcendance for true SCE convergence.

Extend beyond the inner workings of the warehouse with WMS360TM’s integrations with third party platforms, value add offerings, and customizations to improve the efficiency of your entire supply chain.

Excellence at Work

I have been very pleased with how responsive the Seldat team has been considering this is MGM Bosco’s first WMS360™ implementation. With extremely limited resources and on a very tight deadline, we appreciate all of the great support we’ve received from Seldat both pre- and post- implementation. I speak on behalf of the entire Surabaya team when I say that we look forward to the next implementation of WMS360ᵀᴹ with the Seldat team.

Core Features

Empower yourself with WMS360TM’s insights, in real-time and all the time.

WMS360TM optimizes processes through seamless tracking at receiving and putaway, RFID scanning, location management, picking & packing, shipping, invoicing, reporting & management, and inventory management. With end-to-end visibility, know where, when, and what is happening at the swipe of your fingertips.

Tailor WMS360TM to work for your business processes.

Support your sophisticated needs with a WMS that drives business goals to reality. WMS360TM is a software that seamlessly integrates with other solutions such as ERP, TMS and financial tools. Our modules allow you to increase inventory accuracy to 100%, maximize space, and streamline your handling processes. We guarantee a cost competitive solution that provides you with the ability to customize your business rules and adapt to your specific needs.

Reach new heights of efficiency by consolidating your inbound inventory reception.

Remove the hassles of a chaotic receiving and putaway process. Use our proprietary software for scheduling appointments, gate management, receiving ASN/BOL, put-away, cross-docking, and flow-through activities --all with the agility to adapt to unforeseen last-minute events. Enhance vendor satisfaction and workflow with our intuitive and proven system.

Find perfection through seamless outbound processes.

WMS360TM features customizable and easy-to-use formats to best execute wave management, picking, packing, building & optimizing shipments, RF loading & manifesting. Effectively assign labor, staging locations, dock doors, and shipment drop sequences within shipper and load planning. Reduced cycle time and automated communications means capacity for limitless warehousing growth.

Take advantage of real-time inventory control.

Real-time replenishment and rules-based configurations give you 100% visibility of your inventory. Get the most out of your inventory management applications with a software that allows for better tracking, with control down to the item level. From the moment of reception to when it is directed out the shipping dock, stock is tracked – providing management real-time, qualitative inventory statuses and quantities. All tasks are system generated, dynamically directing your personnel via RF or RFID so you’ll never miss a step.

Discover a WMS solution that gives you ultimate control over order functionality.

With built in fulfillment-logic and wave management, your order functionality just got more efficient. Our Order Manager provides management with a 360 degree view of work available in the ERP system, and allows the release of work in waves – allowing one or more worker to pick the same wave simultaneously. Complete order functionality means that whether you utilize STS’s system logic, manual controls, or grouping by the host system, your order waves are picked to perfection.

Business Results

  • 100% visibility

    100% visibility

  • Reduced

    Reduced errors and returns

  • Increased turnover

    Increased turnover

Video Walkthrough

Get an overall view of how automation with WMS360TM works.