Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Enable your 3PL business growth with our best-in-class technologies

As the global supply chain grows more specialized and complex, more and more companies are seeking to outsource logistics operations. Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers must rise to changes in the logistics environment with agility, technological prowess and flexibility. Delivering integrated end-to-end solutions yielding financial and operational benefits is a must. Seldat Technology Services offers evidence-based, innovative, and cost-effective solutions designed to help 3PLs succeed.

Offerings Overview

Streamline supply chain tools and processes.
Know and control your operations, all the time.
Streamline information and processes to achieve customer satisfaction
Efficiently service and track all of your customers’ needs.

Your clients demand control, accuracy, visibility and flexibility. Standardization, integration, and modularity are key. The modular design framework at the foundation of all our technologies and services mean that adding functionalities such as integrated billing, fleet management, ERP integrations, and TMS is simple and seamless.

Our technologies allow immediate and role-based access to sensitive data with real-time end-to-end visibility on documents and events flows. An advanced alert system provides additional control over your operations, preemptively notifying you of key activities and any issues.

Easy to use customer portals offer access to information and faster ways to keep business moving forward. Our products include flexible billing solutions to invoice for your warehousing, delivery, work orders, office and value-added services. If you’re looking to build your own platforms, our expert supply chain technology team can create a customized solution fit for your needs.

Clients expect a wide range of specialized services. If you need to provide light assembly, labelling, sorting, packaging and other value-added services, our products can track the costs and the quality through two methods: the outbound process or as a separate internal workflow.

Key Benefits

Our technologies are depended upon by complex 3PL operations servicing automotive, e-commerce, retail, fashion, consumer products, and food and beverage industries. By applying strategic technologies to support 3PL services, our clients enjoy:

Complete Solutions

With WMS, TMS, freight management, call centers, procurement, and ordering functionalities

Seamless Integrations

That give an overall snapshot to manage courier web services, Quickbooks, ERP solutions as well as other third party platforms.


By modular design and responsive service to manage a wide scope of business processes and efficient workflows.

Global Reach

With access skilled experts and technology that allows you to manage multiple locations, teams and countries worldwide.

Intuitive, Simple to Use and Adaptable

Products and platforms backed by a full SOA structure.

Industry Highlight

Leading cold chain 3PL company MGM Bosco is blazing new trails with deliveries to over 100 Indonesian cities. Opening a new facility in Surabaya, MGM Bosco selected WMS360TM to manage the growing complexity and scale of their 3PL business. Less than a year later, they are already deploying WMS360TM in a third location, which will support their growing competitive advantage in the Indonesian market.

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