The pace of digital innovation moves quicker everyday - stay ahead of the retail curve now

New technologies are deeply impacting the retail industry and creating a major shift in consumer behavior. This revolution has a fundamental impact on logistics operations, as digital commerce has completely altered the infrastructure of fulfillment channels and consumer expectations. Multi-channel distribution needs to be managed from a single warehouse as pressure mounts in the innovation race to deliver the last mile solutions. Deploying the right technology is key to succeed in the retail world.

Offerings Overview

Make it the customers’ way in every single way
Win the battle for the last mile
Embrace truly scalable solutions with details down to the item
Flexible workflows to handle every channel of retail distribution
Get your vendors, clients, and end customers in the know

Buy online or buy in-store. Pick-up at store or get home delivery. Update delivery information on the web. Retailers must meet buyer requirements by selecting flexible solutions that offer a competitive shopping experience. Logistics operations must efficiently turn these requirements into manageable, traceable actions and processes.

The transportation industry is experiencing quick and robust changes as carriers race to win the last mile battle. Mobility, connectivity, smartphone applications and autonomous vehicles are changing approaches to deliveries. The delivery solutions need to be fully integrated to the supply chain process.

As the traditional distribution channels are changing, warehouses must process large quantities of small orders in compressed time periods. An overwhelming number of companies are turning to automating warehousing activities to satisfy customer demand shaped by the Amazon effect.

Retailers are offering high quantities of items with a combination of online and in-store listings. Distribution centers must respond by offering flexible workflows to handle drop shipments, consolidation features and cross-docking facilities.

Solutions providing real-time visibility to your supply chain stakeholders, from vendors to end customers, are absolutely required to support today’s fast paced decisions process in the retail industry.

Key Benefits

STS provides a fully integrated solution from manufacturing to last mile deliveries. Your operation will benefit from:

Proven Lean Workflows

Reducing your costs and increasing your efficiency

Scalable and Flexible

Methods to grow and meet your complex retail business needs

Complete Solutions

That integrate procurement, warehousing, transportation, ordering, and more…

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