Embed flexibility, traceability and quality control in your end-to-end supply chain management approach

As one of the most complex and heavily regulated supply chains in the world, the pharmaceutical industry faces an inflection point that is significantly transforming global logistical operations. Severe regulatory examination, growing consumer expectations, and slowdowns in M&A activities are pushing for drastic supply chain improvements - and fast. More than ever, pharmaceutical companies must shift towards integrated manufacturing, inventory and process management. Our pharma-specialized offerings unlock end-to-end traceability, quality management and reverse logistics workflows made to meet the demands of a rapidly changing market.

Offerings Overview

Know the details of where, when, who, and what
Build quality into your supply chain practices
Produce, test, deliver, repeat, and scale
Keep safety and reliability your priority

Existing pharmaceutical supply chain infrastructure is ill-equipped to meet pressures for 100% traceability of more diverse product types with shorter lifecycles. Take advantage of new technologies that offer role-based access to sensitive data across the supply chain network, allowing an overall view from manufacturing to distribution. Consult our SCM experts to understand detailed transitions from paper-based tracking to full automation, or explore products like WMS360TM, which furnishes real-time global visibility and dynamic control over ever-changing conditions.

How do you meet the need for speed and cost drivers without sacrificing quality? Our in-house experts generate comprehensive quality control focused workflows supported by products providing integrated data collection and management features. We understand that key information, including events, checklists and reports, must be conveniently accessible and easily reviewed from any application.

Bring dynamic sourcing, micro-processing, performance management, and flexible production and distribution into the mix. Our products’ advanced features make planning easier, optimize raw materials utilization and provide high levels of control over the work-in-process and finished goods inventories.

Effectively recalling a marketed product that the FDA considers to be in violation of regulations needs to be swift, complete, and as seamless as possible. Utilize STS’s solutions to make sure recalls are supported by immediate identification, tracking, customer localization and quick communication tools.

Key Benefits

Make your pharmaceutical supply chain agile, responsive and streamlined. Position yourself for the future of the industry by engaging the best solutions to track raw materials and finished goods from suppliers across the world to the end customers.

Accurately Manage

Raw material (RM) & work-in-progress (WIP) inventory

Track Product

By date, lots, batch, LP, and even at the individual item level

Conduct Recalls

Quickly and engage reverse logistics whenever necessary

Conveniently Access Documentation

Including ASN, POD, QA data sheets and invoices

Obtain Detailed Events Information

By SKU, order, supplier or customer

Manage More Goods, Faster

With full RF or RFID processes

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