Food and Beverage

Meet agile quick-to-market solutions for all your food, grocery and beverage industry needs

From fresh meat and produce to frozen goods and grocery retail, the F&B industry is facing a diversity of complex challenges. With pressure from multiple sides of the value chain, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers must adopt effective supply chain management strategies to thrive in this transitioning market. As sourcing and distributions channels evolve each month to consumer demands, STS provides specialized functionalities across the end-to-end supply chain network. Ensure cost reduction, real-time traceability, and full visibility in this fast-paced environment.


Keep the goods and revenue flowing
Meet customer demand with optimized stock availability
Keep the good and revenue flowing
Effectively embrace new purchasing avenues

With significant risks for contamination, spoiling, damage or regulatory fines, airtight distribution management and inventory control means a whole lot more in the F&B industry. Our technology portfolio features a full suite of food-related customizations, including expiration date management, temperature controlled items, compliance measures, quality inspection, and recall management.

Customer-centric forecasting and management capabilities are necessary in improving your order management process. Guarantee that your orders are shipped in full and on time, maintaining key relationships and building trust by accurately servicing your customers. With forecasting analysis and warehouse management features, we push your fill rate towards the ideal 100%.

Food and beverage has one of the highest inventory turns of all industries, with a robust and direct impact to financial planning and decision-making. Precise, constant inventory management and planning is key to reduce materials loss and infrastructure costs. With full RF and RFID solutions that maximize space usage and improve turns, STS enables you to reduce your overhead costs and improve profitability measures.

Today’s large distribution center operations must meet demands to service a growing number of distribution channels, all from the same facilities. How do you remain profitable while adjusting to higher commercial costs, enhanced customization and more transparency? Work with STS to assess and select the best suite of solutions that manage material flows at all scales with day-to-day flexibility to respond to new business strategies.

Key Benefits

Global food and beverage businesses rely on STS’ products and services to eliminate risk for errors, regulatory concerns, and delays from the beginning to end of your sensitive timelines. From sourcing to personnel to transportation to last mile delivery, our supply chain experts take food and beverage-specific workflows and design applications, products, and strategies that offer best-in-class solutions.

Maximize Labor Investments

By accurately measuring time, activities, and performance analysis

Simplify Your Operations

By using a single, central application for tracking, reporting, and handling assignments

Go Lean

By leveraging comprehensive solutions to help your understand fulfillment needs and manage a highly efficient inventory

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