Supercharge online sales with e-commerce technology and fulfillment solutions

Online shopping has to be fun, personal, instant and convenient- e-commerce companies know that any obstacles before, during, or after a buyer’s journey to purchase equals lost revenue and loyalty in a highly competitive market. From small local businesses to commercial giants, retailers and e-tailers alike are competing to adopt and leverage new technologies that enhance the global customer shopping experience. That’s exactly what we bring: solutions to make each online consumer event affordable, responsive and glitch-free.

Offerings Overview

The Internet brings both great revenue opportunities and new layers of complexity to retailers of all sizes. Designed with unique e-commerce workflows in mind, our products and services help organize new channels, programs, seasonal trends and technologies to avoid operational chaos. We’re here to help you, from planning e-commerce channel expansion to implementing warehouse management systems that streamline processes to get your products delivered quickly.

Bring a beautifully run marketplace to customer fingertips
Begin your e-commerce business today
One Click Integration with Retail Channels
Make the most out of our facilities
Exceed residential expectations for last mile and D2C fulfillment
Solve the puzzling balance between returns cost and service

Online stores have drastically shifted consumer purchasing from traditional brick and mortar retail to web shopping. Our online retail platform with omni-channel features and advanced searching tools is adaptable to any commodity and infinitely scalable.

We provide an efficient and effective starter kit for new e-commerce retailers looking launch their business. Whether you are just starting out or have an established presence that needs to be revamped, Seldat can design a custom E-commerce solution to help your business grow.

Seldat’s e-commerce platform offers seamless integration with leading retail channels so you’ll have better market coverage even if customer trends change or select retail channels no longer suit your needs.

Amazon Ebay Walmart Shopify Etsy Newegg Rakuten Shopify plus Sears Big Commerce Woo Commerce
Retail Integration Features
One-click to update price, product, and inventory data
Auto updates on available stock
Single page in-progress order status
Access to custom dashboards and CRM data
Ability to set discounts, fulfillment policies, and more
Manage all financial activities to measure growth and success

Getting customers to buy your products is the first step, getting those products to customers when they want them is the second. Seldat’s state-of-the-art fulfillment centers are strategically located near the nation’s busiest ports. Our bi-coastal presence near the ports in New York/New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Long Beach give you the flexibility to serve a wide customer base. Take advantage of WMS360TM, our proprietary warehouse management system that uses the latest RF/RFID technology to keep track of your goods from the moment they enter our facilities. With complete, real-time visibility, you’ll feel like you’re in the building with us.

Consumers don’t just want home deliveries - they expect to receive their goods when and where they specify. With integrations to courier web services like UPS and smart device applications development, we help you deliver what your customers orders to their door, right when they want it. Real-time visibility, traceability and notifications are a given for e-commerce businesses, which is why we’ve built it into our full suite of technology solutions.

Reverse logistics--returned goods--can kill your bottom line. And, the hassles of return and refunding is a major cause of cart abandonment. Seldat has the solution. We enable e-tailers to process merchandise returns and make them available for resale as soon as logistically possible. We’ll create a personalized and traceable standard operating procedure to handle all your reverse logistics.

Inspect Test Restock Refurbish Repackage Recycle Destroy Ship to Vendor Manage Recalls

Key Benefits

Make it easier to monitor and manage your e-commerce offerings with an eye on the future. Our e-commerce expertise is based around providing you the ability to update the market with accurate data on what you have to sell and at what price, which automatically builds a high-level review of market trends. The result? Efficient fulfillment services from beginning to end.

Save Channel Management Time

With “One Click” options to update pricing and data across all your retail channels

Stay Informed of Inventory Management

With live updates on available stock across fulfillment and retail networks

Simplify Your Operations

By using a single, central application for tracking, reporting, and assignments

Stay Ahead of the Market

With dashboards and analytical data. Review, understand, and take evidence-based actions on marketing trends for a robust financial returns.

Industry Highlight

AV Global, a leader in the in the shoes retail industry, partnered with STS to introduce technology-driven supply chain solutions to grow their US e-commerce market presence.

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