Get complete supplier integration & optimal material flow visibility to streamline your automotive supply chain.

We provide the technology to deliver automotive supply chain solutions at a competitive price - whether you need to control the movements of each unit, or to manage a JIT process supporting a lean manufacturing operation.

Our solutions customized to unique automotive industry needs are designed to make it simple for all stakeholders to manage efficiently the flow of materials and optimize services.


Continuous improvement, seamless workflows
Manage stakeholders anywhere, all the time
Perfect your production and procurement processes
Automation perfected for automotive

Let suppliers be seamlessly included in your planning cycle in order to gain the advantages of collaborative planning and continuous improvement principles. Our agile logistics workflows integrates supplier and manufacturer processes into a unified, efficient supply chain stream.

Let your clients, your suppliers, your employees, and your delivery partners have easy access to the key features of your WMS through mobile devices. With controlled access to sensitive data and highly configurable user settings, access your warehouse data at any time.

When JIT processes are required to fulfill manufacturing operations from a WIP or RM center, we provide integrated production and procurement platforms to meet the production schedule while minimizing stocks.

RFID is quickly gaining market acceptance, as the technology reduces costs and maximizes control over materials movements. We provide the hardware and the software, to support business processes using RFID workflows by managing stocks at the serial code level. Developed by supply chain experts, we also feature RFID gateways for large scale warehouses to effortlessly manage inbound, outbound and reverse logistics operations.

Key Benefits

Empower Business

Empower business to adapt quickly and smoothly to changes.

Optimize Inventory Levels

Optimize your inventory levels to eliminate inefficiencies.

Best-in-class Services

Promote best-in-class services in a just-in-time environment.

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